#BVSP 2013

Jay Kleven: 3rd Lair (Pt. 2)



Burnsville Park Ledge #BVSP

Burnsville Park Ledge #BVSP

Duluth, MN on a grey day.

Cody Whittington - Kickflip (by Ryan Orlando)

The city of Maple Grove has an awesome skate plaza. I snapped a few photos of David Aranda

The rock is really red.

More Grand Canyon photos

No guard rails here, sketchy.

Ashley at the ranch and with a giant… uhhh… What kind of plant is that?

The Grand Canyon
Through the eyes of Ryan Orlando.

I decided to get floral and artsy. Hipster.

We made it!! The Grand Canyon is amazing, words cannot explain! I have a lot more photos to upload.